In the mood for sex? Clear your skin down there!

About to do the nasty but nervous about hair on your bikini line? A quick bikini wax or depilation should sort you out.

So you’ve been seeing this guy for a while, and things are going really well. It looks like the two of you may soon take a short trip outside the city to get to know each other better. There is the possibility of getting intimate, going for swims, wearing that cute pair of shorts you picked up earlier this month…then you take a look at your bikini line and begin to panic.

Why the bikini line needs extra care…

For all the coarse and unruly hair on the bikini line, the skin in the area is quite delicate. Rough handling or using harsh hair removal products can harm the skin to a large extent.

Many women try to shave off the hair as part of the bikini hair removal – but this is a big mistake. First off, shaving strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it dry. Second, the hair is only cut at the surface, so it grows back with jagged edges. Third, the regrowth is extremely prickly, so you will be uncomfortable for a few days while the hair grows back.

Often, the simpler and better modes of bikini hair removal are waxing and depilation. They do not traumatise the skin or hair, and the regrowth is fine and smooth.

* Depilation: It is the process of bikini hair removal by applying a cream on the skin. The cream dissolves the hair just under the surface of the skin upon application. Within just a few minutes, the hair attains a jelly like consistency and can be easily wiped away. There is zero pain in this method of bikini hair removal, so you can try it if you are squeamish about waxing the hair off. Besides, leading brands offer hair removal creams to suit different skin types, so you can pick the most suitable one for use. Do conduct a patch test 24 hours before actual hair removal, if you are using the product for the first time.

* Waxing: If you are not too worried about suffering some discomfort during bikini hair removal, then waxing the bikini zone is the best solution for you. The hair grows back finer than before, and the rate of growth is also considerably slower. Do opt for waxing if you are taking off for a holiday by the beach, or if you are going to wear shorts and swimsuits in the next few days. It might hurt a bit, so apply a numbing cream or an ice pack 10 minutes before you begin. You can remove stray hairs in the area using a depilatory cream.

Try either of these methods for bikini hair removal to ensure a clear, smooth bikini zone on your trip.