Tips on making your eyelashes more beautiful

Every girl dreams of having thicker and voluminous eyelashes but not everyone is blessed with it. There can be ample reason for not having it for example, medical conditions, hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyle and hereditary factors which can lead to scanty growth of the hair. Sometimes we become ignorant about our eyelashes and don’t care about it. However, there are various ways we can get good eyelashes if we can devote some time. After all, results only come when we work hard for it.

Following are some guidelines to get beautiful and thick eyelashes

Regularly apply castor oil

Castor oil is highly effective oil. It has a plethora of benefits which work efficiently for skin and hair. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. It acts as an excellent agent for hair growth. Regularly application on the eyelashes before sleep helps in promoting better hair growth.

Vitamin E capsule

Vitamin E is an excellent agent for hair growth. Break the capsule and apply directly on the eyelashes. It nourishes the lashes and gives you thicker hair with regular application. You can mix the capsule with the castor oil as well for best results.

Aloe Vera

It is one of the best foods that your eyelashes can get. Full of amino acids and proteolytic enzymes, it acts as an excellent booster for hair growth. The application is very simple. Either you can use your hand or a clean mascara to gently put it in your lashes. You need to repeat the application thrice a day.

Use quality eye products

Never compromise on the quality of the eye products. Use branded products and check reviews before buying. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of the body. Check all the ingredients properly and stop using immediately if there are any allergic reactions.

Healthy Diet

Diet is one of the most important factors for a healthy mind and body. Incorporate fruits, green vegetables and protein so that it can accentuate hair growth. You should remember internal nourishment is very necessary for better results. So don’t compromise on the diet.

Get rid of Eye-Makeup before sleeping

There is a tendency amongst the girls that they don’t remove their eye makeup properly before sleeping. It can cause serious damage to the eyelashes. Remove all the traces of make-up properly by either using a baby oil or an eye makeup remover.

Use Eyelash serum

Market is flooded with eyelash serums. Apply serum regularly on the lashes for best results. It gives a boost to the hair follicles and thus stimulates growth.

Mascara Application

You should know how to use mascara properly. If your lashes are not that thick, the mascara can do the trick. Use voluminous mascara and generously apply two coats. It will instantly give a dramatic and voluminous effect.

These are some basic guidelines which you can follow if you desire to get thicker eyelashes. These tips are inexpensive and will surely give a long term effect.