What Should Clothes Be Made Of In 2018?

There are a lot of articles on the trendy colors and the most desirable cuts of the year. And what about the favorite materials clothes should be produced of this season? Are there any useful tips to take into consideration? The statistics provided by is a great tool to study the question.

The fans of retro style and vintage clothes will be happy to know velvet dresses are very welcomed in 2018. Thanks to the structure of the material these models look not less than luxurious. What an amazing color transformation! The experts of conclude a cute velvet dress of a pretty conservative cut should be a mush-have in the wardrobe this year.

Moreover, pay attention to suede. The material remains fashionable for several years and this time it’s offered in a huge variety of jackets and handbags. According to, suede jackets match both formal, informal and even prom outfits. Would you like to use the trendy accent?

In case you are fond of faux fur or plaid, this year you can enjoy a lot of clothes from your ordinary wardrobe. The two materials rock in 2018. As far as we can see from the catalogue of, there are different types of clothes offered in plaid and faux fur. And the team of the shop is definitely familiar with the innovations in the world of fashion.

Would you like to add anything to the list? We will be happy to know your opinion.