8 Skin Care Tips to Remember

Among the numerous skin care and beauty tips on the internet, only a handful seems to actually work. But you don’t have the time to check out all of them and choose the ones that works best for you. That’s why I have done the homework for you. Here are eight skin care tips that will make you shine a little brighter everyday.

Buy the best products

All of you know, buying inappropriate skin products just because they are a bit cheaper is a big no-no. You can buy the best skin care products for your skin type at  and straight from the comfort of your home.

Use a sponge to apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen with hands is fine but using a sponge is much better. The sponge will make the sunscreen penetrate the pores on your skin which will result in better protection against the UV. Moreover, the bacteria on your hand can clog the pores on your skin, resulting in less optimum effects.

Exfoliate longer not harder

For a deep cleanse, exfoliate longer rather than exfoliating with too much force as excessive force is harmful and can damage the skin.

Use Mist as well as Moisturizer

Mist sprays are all the rage recently and all the skin care expert love them but they can make your skin more dry as water simply evaporates from the skin, leaving it dryer than before. Apply a good amount of moisturizer to give your skin the necessary nourishments.

Apply the serum first

For maximum penetration and better results, apply the product in the right order, from lighter to thicker. Anti-oxidant serums are usually the lightest product, apply it first, then moisturizer and cap it off with sunscreen.

Condition your skin

To make your skin healthier, condition it with jasmine extract because it is rich with anti-oxidants. A lot of products use jasmine extract as ingredient that soothes the skin and make it look more radiant.

Make a sleep ritual

You will be amazed how low-maintenance your skin can be. By merely using a few basic products before going to bed, can eliminate the need for deep and elaborated skin care treatments. Keep a case with moisturizer, lip balm, cuticle oil, plus hand and foot cream by your bed-side table and apply it every night.

Choose fragrance free products

If you are allergic to perfumes and scents, try going for the products that are fragrance free. Some products that claim to be non-scented can still contain aromatic essential oils that can irritate your skin and trigger allergies.