Is Having Flawless Skin as Easy as Following 3 Simple Steps, an Irish website devoted to beauty, lifestyle, and other topics important to women, recently published an article highlighting three simple changes women could make to their skin care routines in order to achieve flawless skin. In essence, the article promotes a three-step process that just about any woman could follow to achieve better looking skin. But is it legit?

A lot of skin care experts believe it is. If you need proof, just run an internet search on what it takes to achieve younger-looking, healthy skin. You will find one beauty expert after another discussing the same handful of things. They may not use identical terms, but they are all essentially promoting the same half-dozen or so principles. contributor Trine Jensen-Burke’s 3 steps include double cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the face. Only her third suggestion seems a bit out of the ordinary, but it still is fairly common among skin care experts who believe in its merits. With that said, let us look at each of the three steps she proposes.

1. Double Cleansing

Anyone who knows anything about establishing a solid skin care routine knows how important cleansing is. Where double cleansing is concerned, it is not a matter of cleansing once in the morning and then again in the evening. The double cleansing principle says that whenever you do cleanse, do it twice.

The idea here is pretty simple. Let’s say you cleanse at night before bed. Using your favorite all-natural cleansing oil, the goal is to remove all the makeup, dirt, and debris on the skin. That is all well and good. A quality facial oil will do just that. Yet the double cleansing philosophy says you are not done.

Your first cleansing only gets rid of the surface gunk. A second cleansing is a deeper cleansing that gets dirt and debris out of the pores. It is this second cleansing that really gets to the root of dirty skin, so to speak. Experts who believe in double cleansing insist that cleansing only once constitutes surface cleansing only.

2. Regular Exfoliation

Jensen-Burke points out in her piece that the average human loses upwards of 50 million skin cells every day. A lot of those dead skin cells will remain on the skin unless they are intentionally removed. Such is the purpose behind exfoliation. Regular exfoliation addresses the gray, dingy look that can result from the accumulation of dead skin cells and debris.

Massachusetts-based Poethique recommends regular exfoliation with an alpha hydroxy acid serum that gently exfoliates and leaves the skin bright and glowing. Poethique suggests using an all-natural product that effectively exfoliates without any risk of damage to the skin.

3. Massaging the Face

The third and final step to flawless skin is massaging the face. As explained by Jensen-Burke and other skin care experts, facial massages increase blood flow to the skin. That makes sense. It also makes sense that increased blood flow can tighten the skin, make it look plumper, and improve one’s complexion.

You could make the case that using an alpha hydroxy acid serum to exfoliate also accomplishes the secondary purpose of skin massaging at the same time. Ditto when applying a moisturizer. But the experts say that massaging the skin should be separate from applying beauty products.

Is having flawless skin as easy as following these three steps? Enough experts seem to believe so that the advice offered by Jensen-Burke is echoed across the internet. It is worth trying, say the experts at Poethique. What do you have to lose?