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These Lovable Acrylic Nails Designs Give You 1000 Reasons to Wear Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails designs, gel designs and dip powder manicures are just some of the artificial nails styles that many ladies love sincerely. Acrylic nails are a type of fake nails that preferred by many for their allure and for how they change a girl’s hands from dull to brilliant.

For the ladies who like elongated lengths, long acrylic nails designs present an opportunity for them to get the nails that are not only beautiful and something to envy for others, but also a durable thing. These nails are also very strong and resilient and will not interfere with how you carry on your daily chores.

  1. Beige Oval and Shimmery Acrylic Nails Mixture

These are popular acrylic nails designs which are a mixture of glitter colour with a solid shade within the same shade. For the ladies who like a nail design that is suitable for all occasions, this one is best for them-from casual to official, beige rocks all events. Including a pop of glitter changes the option from bare to pizzazz and looks great on an oval nail shape.

  1. Gold French Tip

Nail fashionistas adore these French tips, most importantly in vibrant colours such as gold. Tan coloured nails accentuated with gold French ends are an ideal combination for a late-night party or a cocktail party. But since gold and tan are hues that look great on everything, this duo also looks great for a casual outfit.

  1. Chic Beige Short Nail Design

Minimalistic acrylic nails designs in a beige match everything and look great on all skin tones. But there is a new way of rocking this nail art design-incorporating crisscross pattern on one nail with rhinestones. This enhances the texture to this casual acrylic style without much effort.

  1. Teardrop and Glitter Short Acrylic Nails

Being more than creative with the nails is one thing that makes styling acrylics a fun. For instance, you can begin with a neutral colour on your short nails, and then mix rhinestones with some glitter. This transforms your nails into a show-stopper. Then to take things to the next level, a teardrop is added to the four fingernails, then putting a silver glitter on the fifth finger.

  1. Unique Onyx with Gold Shimmer

There are numerous warm styles for acrylic nails designs, and most of them incorporate the use of glitter. Begin with an onyx background, then add the gold glitter at the bottom of every black nail with a single nail incorporating glitter from bottom to the top. This is a ridiculously pretty look that is ideal for a late night out at the fun club.

  1. Pink and Glitter Long Nails

You will never get it wrong if you choose pink for your nails. Here, the pink polish is used on a one-half nail and the pink glitter is added on the remaining half.